The COT Indicator Suite
for MetaTrader

Version 2.0 of the COT Indicator Suite is now available! It supports all COT report formats (legacy, disaggregated & traders in financial futures), all COT instruments, and includes a new indicator for Forex currency pairs. MetaTrader 5 support coming soon!

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Walk Forward Analyzer
for MetaTrader 4

NOW AVAILABLE AS A FREE DOWNLOAD! Back by popular demand! Is your expert advisor profitable? Find out using our walk forward analysis tool for MetaTrader! A walk forward analysis simulates real-life optimization and testing cycles, and can quickly give you an accurate picture of your system's long-term performance.

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Walk Forward Analyzer Now Free!
Back by popular demand! Download the foremost EA testing tool for MetaTrader 4.
COT Indicator Suite 2.0 Released
The latest version is available at
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Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 4 is available in paperback and PDF eBook.
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